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Commonwealth REACT Team 6131 is a React International affiliated organization located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, approximately 25 miles southwest of Boston. The purpose of Commonwealth REACT is to provide communications for public and private organizations that are planning events such as parades, road races, trail runs, and other events requiring radio communications. We also assist local communities in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Membership in Commonwealth REACT is open to any licensed Amateur Radio operator or individuals willing to become a licensed Amateur Radio operator with a strong desire in providing community public service.

Our Website

The Commonwealth REACT social media platforms (including this website) are in the process of being completely rewritten to incorporate new technologies and content to better serve our target audience. Please bear with us while this upgrade is being implemented and be sure to drop us a comment with any problems you encounter or ideas you have to improve our website. To get the most out of our website, we recommend using a current web browser and enabling java. Check back often as new content will be added frequently until this upgrade is completed. Our goal is to have a consistant look and feel throughout our site.