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REACT, or Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams, is a public service organization comprised of private radio operators serving travelers and their communities alike with radio communications. Members purchase and maintain their own equipment and are dedicating to improving their communities by providing voluntary, two-way communications.

Since 1962, REACT volunteers have been "on scene" providing critical communications and radio monitoring services. Our dedicated members work to "assist in and improve" their local communities. They annually donate their time, equipment, knowledge and energy working an untold number of hours across a wide range of public service events and incidents.

REACT communications volunteers assist during shelter operations by the Red Cross, Salvation Army or other agencies during floods. They are involved with Civil Air Patrol, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES and Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) organizations and of course, our relentless monitoring of various two-way radio frequencies.


Commonwealth REACT was founded in 2007 and is a member organization of REACT International. Our team designator is 6131. We partner with several other organizations to augment our organization with highly trained licensed Amateur Radio operators to achieve our goals. All members of Commonwealth REACT are certified in basic First Aid, CPR and AED. Our medical leads are all licensed EMT's and Paramedics. To aid in our colaboration with first responders, all our members are trained and well versed in ICS, and many of our members are red cross shelter trained and local CERT members.

Many of the events we support are road races, biathlons and triathlons. To maximise our human resources, we provide what we call mobile-SAG (Support and Gear) where we have our members drive along the route with their own marked vehicles equipped with street legal caution lightting. We utilize local area Amateur Radio repeaters to provide information to and from the event coordinators. We are also able to assist event participants who are experiencing problems by providing First Aid or transportation back to the event staging areas. In the event of a serious injury, we are able to notify first responders and stay with the participant until professional help arrives. For smaller events such as trail races, we are able to provide stationary SAG by positioning ourselves along the route and provide communications either through Amateur Radio repeaters or Amateur Radio Simplex, and when necessary provide First Aid through coordination with our medial leads.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Commonwealth REACT is to provide health and safety communication services for public and private events by organizing and training a unit of communicator’s capable of providing wireless communications during events.

Membership in Commonwealth REACT

Membership in Commonwealth REACT is open to all licensed Amateur Radio operators or individuals willing to become a licensed Amateur Radio operator with a strong desire in providing community public service. Click the Join Us link for more information about becoming a part of our organization.